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MP Fencing, well-known erectors of security, industrial, and domestic fencing, was established in 1983 along the Garden Route. MP Fencing now covers surrounding areas and is committed to quality and value. Our name is everything!

We have 35+ staff members and a fleet big enough to cater to all our client’s needs, from homeowners to large contractors. No order is too big or too small for us with an in-house manufacturing operation to manufacture posts and gates, ornamental, household, and industrial needs.

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Specialized Fencing

We specialize in manufacturing and installing custom fences and gates to safeguard your property and assets. From pool fencing to catteries, picket fencing to post and rail fencing, choose from a selection of our finest products, which can be customized to suit your needs.

High Security Fences

Choose from a selection of fencing options made by an industry-leading fencing manufacturer. Constructed with quality, high-security welded panels, anti-theft climb mesh, secure designs, and more to give you peace of mind.

Residential Fencing

Every homeowner wants to add safety, privacy, and value to their property. Adding well-designed, robust, and high-quality residential fencing proves to add an array of benefits. Choose from an assortment of mesh and barrier fencing products and designs.

Farming & Agriculture

Farm fencing can be either: Strand stock fencing, post and rail, and game fencing, electric and security fencing.

Electric Fencing

Electric fencing delivers a safe, short, and memorable shock to create a barrier both psychologically and physically. This fencing option not only safeguards you and your property but is also easy to install, affordable, and provides various designs to suit your environment.

Gate Manufacturing

Our specialized gates are custom designed, manufactured under supervision, and are made using SABS materials to suit your needs. Choose from sliding gates, single or double leaf gates, farm gates, and more.

Gate Automation & Access Control

We specialize in electric gate designs and installation to suit your needs from gate motors, remote intercom systems, security, infrared safety beams, alarms, etc.

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