Electric Fencing

Wall top electric Fencing

When a physical barrier, such as a wall or a fence, is combined with an electric fence, it will deter attempts to infiltrate the protected perimeter. The electric fence delivers a high-voltage shock that is non-lethal but memorable to the potential intruder.

The Energizer has a detecting feature  that produces an alarm when the protected perimeter has been breached or tampered with. By using an electric fence, the attempted break-in of the protected area can be delayed, giving additional time for a reaction team to respond to the breach.

Electric Fencing Applications:

Fence Top Security

Fence top electric fences are extended above the fence height.

Wall Top Fencing

Wall-top electric fences are attached to the top of an existing perimeter barrier, such as a masonry wall.

Free Standing Fence

A free-standing electric fence acts as the sole perimeter barrier. However, this is only legal if the free-standing fence is within an area on a property that already has a boundary fence.

Electric Security Fence (Piggyback)

An electric fence used for security purposes, which comprises of an electric fence mounted off the back of a physical barrier fence. The electrical insulators are mounted to the barrier fence posts. It runs from ground level to the height of the barrier fence and can extend above, as long as the barrier fence is not less than 1,5m high.

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